About Plug Tower

Imagine a customer good time at your bar or restaurant or sitting in the hotel lobby, and his devices, smartphones, e-cigarettes, or headphones send annoying reminders of a low battery. Of course, the client doesn’t have a charging cable with him, or even if he does, you don’t have a free electrical slot at the table or bar. The customer does not want to give his personal item to the waiter to charge it at the bar or anywhere else, he wants to charge it and use it where he sits. And we offer a portable charging station - Plug Tower. With Plug Tower You can charge up to 3 or more devices at one time. You can charge them with two "3in1" spiral USB cables or use the wireless charging function.

If you are the owner of a bar or restaurant, your customers will be happy because they will be able to have a delicious coffee or a meal and they will not have to worry about recharging their equipment. We also offer to put your company logo, menu, or even the best offers of the day on the front of the Plug Tower. This device will also serve as a great marketing tool. We will adapt it to your needs.

The Plug Tower body is printed with 3D technology. The fully charged Plug Tower can fully charge up to 8 devices, thanks to its high battery capacity of 30,000 mAh. The LED indicator on the side indicates the battery charge level. When the battery is running low, you need to charge it with the USB plug that comes with it.

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Product versions

Plug Tower version with Your company 3D logo

You give us the design of the front of your Plug Tower and we’ll put it on, whether it’s your bar logo, a small menu, or maybe a monthly deals.

Specifications description and tips

Product Description - This product is a portable charger that can charge mobile phones, tablets, e-mails. books, game consoles, and other digital products.

The battery capacity of 30,000 mAh / 3.7 V 111 Wh, the dedicated capacity of 18,000 mAh is enough to support most devices.

You can charge up to 3 devices at once - two USB "3in1" cables and wireless charging allow you to connect up to 3 devices at once!

Charging input: DC 5V=2.1A max. using the included wall adapter with a USB connection.

Charging output: first "3in1" USB cable: DC 5V=1A max. Second “3in1" USB cable: DC 5V=2.4A max. Wireless charging: DC 5V=1A max.

The Plug Tower body is made of high-quality Pet-G material.

Intelligent chip - The accessory has an intelligent management system that adjusts the appropriate voltage to the specific equipment.

8 levels of protection - Against overcharge, discharge, overvoltage, overheating, overcurrent, short circuit, electromagnetic field. And on top of that, overpower protection.

Practical LEDs - 4 small LEDs will easily let you know how much energy is in the power bank.

Charging mobile phones or other digital devices:

1) Check and make sure that the charging voltage of the digital products matches the output voltage of the Plug Tower battery.

2) Select and use the plug for the charging cable for original digital products. Three-in-one USB cable plugs are available: iP, micro, type C.

3) This device supports most mobile phone models.

4) For efficiency reasons, we recommend that you use the cables and accessories that came with your device. If the device does not work, check that the device and cables are connected properly.

5) If charging does not start automatically, press the power button on the side of the Plug Tower.

6) The company will not be liable for any personal and property damage resulting from improper use or warning by the consumer that violates the product description.


1) Charge the power supply regularly (it is recommended to charge with one LED on until the four LEDs are fully lit) for a long time.

2) Improper use of the product can easily damage the product or endanger the safety of persons and property.

3) The company will not be liable for any personal and property damage resulting from improper use or warning by the consumer that violates the product description.

Security information:

1) Observe the following safety precautions to prevent short circuits, overheating, or fire.

2) Do not attempt to disassemble or disassemble the device, as this may damage yourself or the device. If the device is swollen or noticeably damaged, stop using it immediately and contact your dealer.

3) Do not expose to electric shock, high temperature or water; To charge the power supply, use the included wall adapter that comes with the kit. If unforeseen events occur during charging, stop using the device and contact your dealer.

4) The power supply has a heating phenomenon during charging or unloading; if the heating temperature is below 40C it does not affect the operation of the product. Use the supplied wall adapter with a USB connection. Do not leave the device unattended during charging.

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